2015 Toyota Sienna Includes Megaphone To Yell At Back Seat Passengers

Technology has given many parents nothing but a headache and now it seems that Toyota is going to hand back power to parents who need to drive children who are troublesome in the back of the car. They have built in a microphone into their minivan so that parents can get their message to behave across to children sitting in the back.

The 2015 Toyota Sienna comes with what Toyota is calling Driver Easy Speak. It gives the driver a built in microphone so that parents can speak clearly or even yell at the passengers sitting in the back.

The 2015 Sienna is heading to showrooms in the fall and is said to come with a pull down conversation mirror so that parents can also look at children in the back without having to turn around physically.

It is thought that the tech will address safety concerns that parent have when having to deal with distractions from children. A study in 2011 found that around 76% of parents driving turn around to look at children in the back or look through the rear-view mirror.

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