2015 Subaru WRX For The Eyes! [PICS]

Just recently, Subaru has been on the receiving end of countless criticism after the latest WRX failed to look anything like its concept model. The fans were gutted over it but soon, this will all be fixed as Subaru will be launching the next WRX in 2015.

Word has it that the upcoming WRX will be based on the Imprezza. While that might sound enlightening, there is still a big chance for it to look completely different than how it was thought to be.

Well, that is until today when a concept rendition of the WRX got released on the internet. At a glance, the upcoming WRX comes with expended wheel-arch flares for a wider track. Over at the front, there are vertical air vents that will connect with the rear in order to keep the car cool at all times.

As for the design, the headlights will be given a dynamic LED lighting that will span the outer edge, like a boomerang. There will also be new character lines that will reach out to the WRX trademark spoiler.

The WRX does look vicious and fans can start hoping for it to come true. For once, the concept does not strip away the vehicle from its original identity.

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