2015 Nissan Juke: Let’s Hope It Looks Like This [PICS]

The Juke is one of the bestselling SUV from Nissan and this is solely due to the performance it offers. The design, on the other hand, has never been appealing for the Juke.

Come next year, Nissan will be launching the next generation Juke and it will look to repeat the streak of great performance and bad design. Independent concept designer, X-Tomi, is not thrilled with the way Nissan designed the Juke and shared his rendition of how the Crossover should be shaped like.

By far, the unofficial concept is prettier than the original concept. It isn’t that complicated with X-Tomi’s visualization. The lad simply applied some of the features from the Qashqai, onto the Juke. This is something Nissan should have thought off first.

The Juke needs a more serious face and X-Tomi delivered that. It is something that the fans need as well. With the concept images already becoming a trend on the internet, will Nissan finally give in to the demands of the fans?

We might not know about that but we can be certain that the Juke will offer a superb driving experience.

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