2015 MacBook Pro October Release Could Come With Cheaper Price Tag

The 2015 MacBook Pro has recently seen Apple offering some huge discounts on the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro, which could mean that they are making way for the newer versions.

Typically when a new version is coming out the older devices, in this case the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air, get reduced and great deals can be had. Apple will be launching the MacBook Pro and Air later on this year and they could arrive as early as October.

It was said that Apple is making a new version of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro so that it can compete with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Apple previously offered deals of $500 discount on their 2014 models of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air and the same could happen this time around to make way for the new arrivals.

Of the course the release of the Apple MacBook Pro 2016 is at the moment speculation at the moment but with huge savings to be made on the current models it is looking as though it could happen later on this year.

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