2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport Is All About Class

Come next year, Land Rover will be launching the all-new Discovery. Today, however, we got more details on what the 2015 Land Rover Discovery has got to offer.

AutoEvolution took spy shots of the interior and it revealed that the Discovery is going to be something luxurious. The SUV actually utilized living room sofas as its seats. It totally lived up to the quote, “the vehicle is a moving living room”. In short, the interior is identical to what was unveiled on the Discovery Vision Concept.

Right-by the driver seat, viewers should be able to spot the sexy round knob on the transmission stick. Above it lies a central control screen where all the various features and functions are operated from.

Tech-wise, the Discovery offers LED adaptive lighting specifically for offroad conditions that reads the road in front and changes to give you the best view. Then, there is also a camera and projector at the front to offer better viewing when going uphill.

The Land Rover Discovery will no longer be referred to as a moving tissue box. The SUV is designed like the Range Rovers while safe-keeping all the trademark designs of the Discovery.

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