2015 Google Nexus: How Can It Impress?

It is no secret that the latest Google Nexus 6 has been a flop in the tech industry and Google is planning to make a huge comeback with brand new Nexus smartphone later this year.

Word has it that the next Nexus smartphone is going to be based on the Nexus 5 and it will come with little premium features to offer. Well, the rumours are already indicating the right direction for Google to follow but how can the tech giant make it big with the upcoming device.

For the loyal Nexus fan boys, they claim that there isn’t much to do if Google wish to succeed with the next-gen Nexus 5. All the tech giant have to do is to give the Nexus 5 the necessary hardware upgrades and more importantly, a much better battery life.

This is because the existing Nexus 5 can’t last an entire day without needing a charge. Even so, the old smartphone is still the bestselling Nexus smartphone in history due to its high-end specs and affordable price tag.

If Google can replicate the same Nexus 5 concept, together with a better battery life on the next-gen Nexus smartphone, then there is no doubt that the device is going to be a chart topper like how it was before.

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