2015 Ford F-150 Taillight Teased In Leak Image!

It is no secret that Ford will be updating its F-150 with a new model next year and yesterday, we spotted the vehicle roaming around the Summit County in Colorado.

While the upcoming pickup truck might be wrapped in camouflage, it still couldn’t hide its structure which is confirmed to be built with aluminium. Also, the tailgate, taillights, back window and front end has got some changes to damn but it is still too vivid to go into detail.

The eye-catching part is with the orange painted item resting behind the front wheel. At a glance, we believe it is a stock item on the F-150 but there is no confirming that fact. Even if it is not stock, we don’t have a clue on what it is.

Nevertheless, we can already confirm that the tail section is going to have a new design language and the front portion is to be tweaked minimally.


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