2015 Ford Bronco: A Legendary Name That Only Exists In The Rumours

The Ford Bronco has been heavily rumoured to be making its return later this year and it will be coming with a different name. Referred to as the Ford Troller, the pickup truck looks set to come with the classy design language from the old Ford Bronco while also offering the latest driving technologies as a standard.

In detail, the Ford Troller is tipped to come with a design that is taken from the last Ford Bronco concept that was unveiled back in 2004. Also, the Troller will be powered by a newly-developed 3.5L EcoBoost engine and will be produced by Ford’s SVT team.

Also, the Troller will sport a futuristic themed interior that is completed with soft seats, neat dashboard and a multi-purpose steering wheel. Furthermore, the Troller looks set to come with an infotainment system and a 360-degree feature to ease parking and manoeuvring around tight spots.

As exciting as this sound, the Troller is still based on rumours and is best taken with a pinch of salt. Otherwise, fans of the old Bronco will be in for a disappointment of a lifetime.

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