2015 Ford Bronco: A Double Dose Next Year?

Ford has given us loads of iconic vehicles over the years, with one of the best-known models being the Bronco. We have, however, been waiting for ages for a new version of this popular 4×4.

We’ve heard some rumours about a new Bronco coming out with EcoBoost and diesel variants. So, we may well get a 4.5 litre diesel and a 3.5 litre Ecoboost engine.

This will mean that the 2015 Ford Bronco will be competing directly with vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler. Fords don’t tend to have diesel engines but following the success of the F150 Raptor we may well see many more in future years.

It’s also rumoured that the Bronco will be taken over by Bronco! So, this means many more baby Broncos coming in 2015 and we might even get a coupe version.

Ford has said it’d like to bring out two dozen or so cars in 2015, and by the looks of it, six or seven could be in the Bronco range.

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