2015 Audi Q3: That Is One Convenient Ass

The recent Wothersee Tour in Austria might be an event for the Golf GTi but that didn’t stop other carmakers from the VW Group to unveil some new and interesting concepts for the world to indulge on.

We are talking about Audi and its future Q3 concept vehicle which comes with something different and unexpected. The subcompact luxury crossover might look like an average Q-series vehicle but over at its rear, there is something pretty special.

To show Audi’s seriousness in the off-road market, the German carmaker has fixed a portable tent at the tail of the Q3. The feature has wind load ratings of as much as 70mph, and it can be fixed in under 7 minutes. In fact, the tent can be tied to the car for stability.

Aside from that, the Q3 will be powered by the 3.0 liter bi-turbo diesel which offers 308bhp. Other features include a brand new roof box along with rack for a bicycle, along with new pockets in the cabin and wireless internet access.

If this is to come into production, then the Q3 will be the perfect leisure and lifestyle vehicle. It will be perfect for families that goes on an off-road adventure every once in a while.


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