2015 Apple MacBook Pro To Come With Big Upgrades?

Later this year, Apple will be launching the all-new MacBook Pro and it is expected to come with many upgraded features from the previous MacBook Pro. Well, there is now a chance for the next-gen MacBook Pro to offer more to the masses.

This was teased by Intel when the tech developer announced on the development of Skylake. Skylake is the company’s first ever 14nm nanochips and it is said to become available from late June onwards.

If the timing is right and if there are no hiccups in production, then there is a huge chance for the MacBook Pro to come with Skylake on board.

With a Skylake-powered MacBook Pro, the laptop will be able to offer revolutionary processing speed and also better energy efficiency. Having Skylake being integrated on the MacBook Pro will certainly please the Apple fans.

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