2015 Apple MacBook Pro: Nothing Exciting To Offer?

Apple has squandered a huge chance to turn the next-gen MacBook Pro into something revolutionary after the tech giant decided to apply Intel’s Broadwell on the laptop instead of Skylake.

This cannot be helped since Skylake is still not ready yet and it will only be available in a couple of weeks from now. Apple can choose to wait for Skylake to get released by they see a need to unveil a production ready MacBook Pro at the recent WWDC.

Hence, Apple skipped the wait and settled for Intel’s Broadwell to power the MacBook Pro. This is unfortunate since Skylake can drastically boost the MacBook Pro’s performance. Being a 14nm nanochip, the tech component promises a faster processing speed and also better energy conservation.

Even so, it is still not the end of the world for the MacBook Pro. For fans that wish for the laptop to come with Skylake, they can wait for the 2016 model to get released.

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