2015 Apple MacBook Pro: Intel Skylake Integration Now A Possibility

Come September this year, Apple will be launching the next-gen MacBook Pro and this laptop carries the potential of being something extraordinary.

This is because the next-gen Apple MacBook Pro might just come with Intel Skylake on board and the new tech processor will boost processing speed and energy efficiency.

For those that are unaware, Skylake was announced by Intel last week and it is the company’s first ever 14nm nanochips. Skylake will be replacing Broadwell entirely and it will be stepping into production in June this year.

If Intel is able to produce a sufficient number of Skylake by the end of June, then there won’t be a problem for Apple to integrate the technology with their next-gen MacBook Pro.

Then again, the final decision is only for Apple to make and they can decide on Broadwell instead of Skylake. Let’s just hope that is not the case for the next-gen MacBook Pro.

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