2015 Apple MacBook Pro: A Revolutionary Performance Coming?

Apple is going to launch a new-generation of MacBook Pro later this year but many feared that the upcoming laptop is going to come with subtle upgrades, hence making it no different from last year’s versions.

Well, fans can ease those fears as there is a huge chance for the upcoming MacBook Pro to come out with revolutionary specs. Intel went public last week to announce on the production of their first ever 14nm nanochips called Skylake.

In detail, Intel claims that Skylake is expected to get mass produced somewhere in late June or early July. If the timing is right, then Skylake has a huge opportunity of getting integrated with the future Apple MacBook Pro.

Of course, this is just hopeful thinking but if the upcoming laptop does come with Skylake on board, then it will be offering a faster processing speed while also being energy efficient at the same time.

As mentioned before, this can only happen if Skylake’s production makes it in time for the MacBook Pro’s production. There has yet to be any confirmation on this so Apple fans should take it with a tiny grain of salt.

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