2014 Nissan Pulsar Review: Awkward Looks & Basic Performance Makes It A No-No

When it comes to Nissan vehicles, they are either super beautiful or super weird looking. Unfortunately, the latest Nissan Pulsar falls into the super-weird category.

At a glance, the Pulsar might look normal with its rounded headlamps that sides the thin grille. The bumper is folded inwards as it spots fog lights at its bottom corners. The hatchback crossover might look decent from the front but on another angle, it simply looks weird. The rear bumper pops out in a manner that is unacceptable, which also caused the taillights to go jagged.

Size-wise, the Pulsar is near identical to the Focus. Surprisingly, the Pulsar has a 2,700mm wheelbase that comes with 395L of boot space. This is more spacious than the BMW X5 and the Hyundai i30.

Inside the vehicle, everything is acceptably designed. The multi-purpose steering wheel, dashboard and seats are coloured in traditional black. The interior design does not spell luxury but it is decent nonetheless.

Under the hood, the Pulsar is powered by a 1.2 DiG-T Tekna engine that offers 113hp. There is a 6-speed manual gearbox that pushes the ponies on the front wheel system. The Pulsar can sprint from knots to 62mph in 10.7 seconds and there is a decent top speed of 118mph. Then again, the performance is considered too dull for our liking as other Nissan vehicles managed to offer a more thrilling experience. It could have been much better if the engine is fully turbocharged.

Aside from the space and comfort, everything about the new Pulsar is not acceptable. This is also why it is not worth to fork out £20,345 for the vehicle.

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