2014 MacBook Air Comes With 4K Resolution!

Just recently, Apple released the latest MacBook Air and it truly an amazing laptop. Aside from the fact that it is light and mobile, some users realized that the MacBook Air can offer 4K output resolution, which is not cited in the machine’s specification.

The users are sharing their excitement on the internet as they claim that the MacBook Air can push for the 3840×2160 resolution output through HDMI. Then again, the resolution is at 30hz so it is not appropriate for gaming.

Also, the cited resolution is not native. The sharp images are developed through scaling, which Microsoft has been adopting for years now.

Nevertheless, it is still a perk for the 2014 MacBook Air. With more and more devices getting 4K support, YouTube should start considering upsizing their video quality for 4K users.

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