2014 Mac Mini: Is It Coming?

The Mac Minis are one of the most successful products to come from Apple and not long from now, the machines will be getting a successor. Today, a leak has surfaced and it hints that the 2014 Mac Minis are really close to its release.

The leak comes from a local computer store in Belgium as it listed the Mac Minis on its online shop. When clicking on the ad, it is revealed that the Mac Minis will come with the Intel i7 processor and it tallies with the many rumours that also shared something similar.

Then again, the Mac Mini that was advertised could just be a placeholder and not the actual thing. As such, it is best to take it with a pinch of salt.

If the 2014 Mac Minis are to materialize, consumers can look forward to a brand new design, specs improvements and the latest Maverick OS to run the machine. It is already the month of September and we can expect Apple to spill more information on the Mac Mini.

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