iPad 3 & iPad 2 Pictured Side By Side, It Got Faaaaat

As we approach the iPad 3 announcement date (purportedly March 7th), more images are beginning to leak showcasing what the next-generation Apple tablet may have to offer.

Earlier this week we got a glance of the front casing which hinted at a possibly Retina Display. This was closely followed by pictures of an A5X processor that is supposedly going in the iPad 3. Lastly, there were closeups of the bigger camera housing which suggested Apple may squeeze an 8-megapixel sensor inside. The last one of course still seems highly unlikely.

Now the folks over at MICGadget have posted what is suppose to be the iPad 3 and iPad 2 back enclosure side by side. As can be seen, the iPad 3 looks to have a more gradual taper and appears to be thicker than its predecessor. Given that rumors suggest it will have LTE radios and possibly a much larger battery to accommodate 4G usage, it may be no surprise. According to the source, the iPad 3 casing is 1-1.5mm thicker than the iPad 2.

MicGadget also points out that the camera lens hole is “noticeably larger”, however they too doubt Apple will put an 8-megapixel in it. Well enough chatter, check out the images below.

iPad 3 and iPad 2 casing pictured side by side (MicGadget)

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