Samsung Galaxy Note Review: The iPhone 4S Killer’s Killer! [Funny]

The Samsung Galaxy Note recently landed on AT&T and after its somewhat disappointing Super Bowl ad which didn’t focus on all the strong points of the device, the web was hit with more criticism about the phone.

From its unpocketable size to the fact that it employs a stylus, many tech pundits were taking pot shots at the humungous Samsung Galaxy Note, an Android phone that was selling like hotcakes outside of North America.

While we have already done an official review of the Samsung Galaxy Note, we had to bring up this video posted on YouTube recently. The hilarious video portrays the Samsung Galaxy Note in a good light (we think) and will no doubt tickle your funny bone.

So as the video says, check out the review of the Samsung Galaxy Note, the iPhone 4S killer’s killer (you won’t regret it, I assure you)

Hilarious Samsung Galaxy Note review

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