iOS 5.1 Reveals Quick Camera Actions From iPhone Lockscreen

With iOS 5.0 debuting late last year alongside the iPhone 4S, it comes as no surprise that with the impending release of the iPad 3, Apple may release an update to their mobile OS.

iOS 5.1 GM build reveals access to camera from lockscreen

BlogdoiPhone has somehow gotten their hands on a pre-GM build of the upcoming iOS 5.1 update and it reveals the two additions: quick access to the iPhone camera app and expanded Siri languages.

Starting with the quick camera access, users will soon be able to access the camera by swiping up on the lockscreen. This will launch the camera app as compared to the traditional way of unlocking the iPhone first and then only selecting the camera app. This feature is of course quite common in Android devices like the Motorola DROID RAZR and Samsung Galaxy Nexus, proving handy when you need to get get shots of fleeting moments.

Secondly, Siri appears to now have expanded to include additional languages i.e. Japanese only. Why just one language with this update is perplexing but we are certain other languages can’t be far behind.

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