Samsung Galaxy S3 Rumors Roundup: Fact vs Fiction

As MWC 2012 approaches, Samsung is expected to unveil a host of new technologies and devices at the event in Barcelona, Spain. Unfortunately the Samsung Galaxy S3 won’t be at the show and will get its own dedicated event at a later date. However what new technologies we will get to see at the Mobile World Congress event may very well dictate what goodies the Galaxy S3 could feature when it is finally announced.

Samsung Galaxy S3 rumors roundup

So what do we know about the Samsung Galaxy S3? The rumor mill is working overtime on the Galaxy S3 and has arguably built up as much buzz as the reigning rumor king, the iPhone 5. So let’s get started:

Samsung currently has two ultra-powerful new processors that have already been confirmed – the Exynos 4412 and Exynos 5520. The Exynos 5520 features a very powerful GPU and may possibly blow a lot of other quad-core processors out of the water despite only being dual-core, however it isn’t expected to go into production until late this summer so we can very well cross it off the list. Next is the Exynos 4412, a quad-core processor that is currently already gone into production and appears to line up with Galaxy S3 rumors we’ve been hearing about since late last year. We’re betting on the 4412. Coupled with 2GB RAM, we talking about some serious processing power and speed.

Next up is the display. Samsung has been known to come up with slightly tweaked versions of their displays a couple of times a year and so it will be no surprise if the Samsung Galaxy S3 marks the debut of the Super AMOLED Plus HD Electric Bugaloo display, or something along those lines. It will more than likely feature a 720p resolution on a screen size between 4.3-inches (Galaxy S2) and 4.7-inches (Galaxy Nexus). Given that technology doesn’t exist for a 3D display on 720p resolution in mobile screen sizes of between 4 and 5-inches, we can cross that off the list as well.

Moving on we have the camera. The 8-megapixel camera on the Samsung Galaxy S2 is arguably the best camera on a phone to date, so it is difficult to imagine how Samsung plans to trump it. Word on the street is that we will see Samsung throw in a 12-megapixel rear camera with a back-lit CMOS sensor. We haven’t seen such technology yet on Samsung devices so are hoping it is unveiled at MWC 2012 later this week.

Rounding it off, given that it may only be announced in March, it could take up to 6 months for US carriers to release their variants on to the market based on how the Galaxy S2 rolled out. This would push the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date to September. Given that rumors point to the Galaxy S3 releasing with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich preloaded (and a new TouchWiz UI on top, probably 5.0), we may by then already see Google announce a new Android update as the big G promised to space them out to 6-month cycles. We’re not sure if it will be Android 5.0 Jellybean or some smaller update but it will unlikely be the latest.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will more than likely be a worthy successor to the Galaxy S2 and continue to propel the Galaxy S brand worldwide. However whether it would be enough to finally overtake iPhone 4S (or iPhone 5 by then) in terms of sales will remain to be seen.

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