Samsung Galaxy Note Dubbed “Lame Tablet, Lousy Phone”

While the Samsung Galaxy Note appears to be a success internationally, ever since it was announced to be headed to AT&T here in the US, tech pundits here have a lot of harsh words for the humungous phone-tablet hybrid.

More disappointing Samsung Galaxy Note reviews

Earlier this week, we reported on Jonathan Gellar’s (BGR) opinion of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Not only did he dubbed the Android smartphone “useless” but also said it was too big to use and you would look stupid holding it up to your face.

Now Galen Guman over at InfoWorld appears to share similar thoughts as Gellar and reveals it in his review of the Android Gingerbread phone:

Calling it a “lame tablet” and “lousy phone”, Gruman suggests avoiding this “monstrosity” at all cost. He brings up some common problems we’ve known from the start as well such as the inability for single-hand operation and possibility that it may not fit in your pocket.

While Gellar’s take on the Samsung Galaxy Note was heavily criticized, we have yet to see the reaction of the Twitterverse to Gruman’s strong views. Read Infororld’s full take on the Samsung Galaxy Note here.

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