Should You Sell Your iPad 2 Now While It’s Still Valuable?

With iPad 3 rumors hitting all time new high, just about everybody and their dog expects the next-generation Apple tablet to debut in the first week of March, followed by landing on shelves the very next week. While this is great news for those holding out on buying an iPad 2 just so they could see what the iPad 3 has to offer, how about those who own the current iPad and are looking to upgrade.

Should you sell your iPad 2 now?

Given Apple’s secrecy when it comes to product launches, Apple fans have to completely rely on rumors if they wish to predict when the next big thing is expected to come out from Cupertino-based company. And so if that March 2nd date is to be believed, it would mean that it is time to put your iPad 2 up for sale and lock in that high trade-in value while you still have a chance.

Given that the iPad 3 is rumored to boast a larger battery, 4G LTE connectivity, high-resolution Retina Display and Siri, the iPad 2 is without a doubt going to see its value plummet when the above details become official.

If that wasn’t a good enough reason to put your iPad 2 up for sale already then do consider the second scenario. Just like how Apple stil; produces the iPhone 4 and sells it at a marked-down price after the iPhone 4S was unveiled, we could see the iPad 2 remain in production but have its price tag slashed. If this is the case, the value of your second-hand iPad 2 will freefall as well.

So if you’re looking to upgrade to the iPad 3 when it launches, February may be the right time to put your current iPad up for sale if you wish to get maximum resale value.

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