Samsung Galaxy S3: Most-Wanted Features

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 now confirmed to be skipping MWC 2012 and only being unveiled at a special event later on, word on the street is that it may not end up in US stores until sometime in the summer. If this does serve true, then we may see it go head to with its biggest rival, Apple’s iPhone 5.

Samsung Galaxy S3: What we want to see

Now while the Samsung Galaxy S2 was a huge success in terms of sales and single handedly managed to dominate the Android market in terms of sales, it fell short against the iPhone 4S. So what can its successor, the Galaxy S3, bring to the table so it has a good chance of taking the lead from the upcoming iPhone 5? Here’s our wishlist.

For starters, while the Samsung Galaxy S2 packed exceptional hardware, it didn’t have the premium feel to match it. As you would have read from our review of the Galaxy S2 in the past, its plastic-ky feel was a let down and in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S3, we’re hoping an aluminum casing is utilized instead. Furthermore, Samsung introduced a couple of new features in the Galaxy Nexus that were a pleasant surprise. These mainly were the notification LED and larger HD display.

In addition to launching with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich preloaded, we are hoping that the Samsung Galaxy S3 dumps the capacitive buttons completely given that Android 4.0 supports software buttons. As we can see in the video (see below), there are huge benefits to freeing up screen real estate using this ICS feature so we are not sure why recent leaks of upcoming Android 4.0 devices still show that manufacturers plan to keep the capacitive/physical buttons.

Using the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as a desktop computer

In addition to these couple of useful features, the hardware will once again need to take a giant leap forward for 2012. We’re talking quad-core processors, larger capacity battery, larger camera sensor, 2GB RAM, NFC, and of course a new TouchWiz.

Did we miss anything? Do tell us your Samsung Galaxy S3 wishlist in the comments below. Who knows, the big boys at Samsung may just be listening 😉

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