MacPad: Love Child Of iPad 3 and 2012 MacBook Air [PICS]

Apple Rumors are hitting all new highs as anticipation behind the upcoming launch of the iPad 3 continues to grow. Some details suggest that it will be thicker than its predecessor in order to accommodate for 4G LTE radios and a larger battery, while others suggest its key selling features will be a high-resolution Retina Display. While these features are no doubt sufficient enough to have tablet fans want to upgrade their current devices, a recent Apple concept by designer Jules Moretti has us wanting for a lot more.

MacPad concept: Cross between a Retina Display iPad 3 and MacBook Air

Moretti has come up with some renders of what has been dubbed the MacPad. As you would have guessed, it is a cross between an iPad and the MacBook Air. The design integrates an Ethernet port, Thunderbolt connector and three USB 3.0 ports. Up front, we see a Retina Display and we gather that just like the ASUS Transformer Prime, the screen is removable so it can be used as a tablet.

Of course, this product will always remain a pipe dream given that such a creation would no doubt butcher either iPad or MacBook Air sales. Well enough chatter, check out the images below and do tell us if you would be interested in such a product from Apple.


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