2012 HTC Android ‘Hero’ Phones: Beats Audio, Playstation Certifation?

Earlier this year, HTC admitted that they realized the mistakes they had made in 2011 and hoped to turn things around this year. For starters, they would only be focusing on a few key devices this year, dubbed “hero” devices, instead of releasing a multitude of devices.

2012 HTC Upcoming Android phones getting Playstation certification?

No we will admit that the HTC Rezound does look especially enticing and so does the rumored Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich HTC Endeavor. However it may not just be upgraded hardware and integrated Beats Audio technology that HTC hopes to offer in their 2012 phones lineup. According to the latest rumors via Droid-Life, HTC is “set to be the first company besides Sony themselves to get their phones Playstation-certified.”

What this ultimately means is that HTC phones will have access to the Playstation Store and many PSOne games.

We saw the uptake of the Sony Xperia Play as a little slow but with excellent hardware, high quality sound and a brand that’s very popular in the US, HTC may be just what’s needed to get Playstation gaming on Android phones back on track.

Rumors has it that we may see the announcement as early as MWC 2012 this month.