iPad 2 Price Plummets As iPad 3 Launch Nears

With word on the street hinting that the next-generation Apple iPad 3 will launch sometime in early March, big retailers have geared up to drop the price of the iPad 2 in order to clear inventory.

iPad 2 price drops as iPad 3 launch nearing

The first to take the plunge appears to be the 16GB iPad 2 WiFi-only model which has dropped by $70 at regional big-box retailer Meijer. In addition to the iPad 2 model dropping to $429, the Smart Cover iPad 2 accessory has also been reduced to $35 ($5 less than Apple’s price)

Now it is important to note that this $70 price cut is the biggest discount we’ve seen to date for the tablet that was released back in March 2011. The closest came way of Best Buy who slashed $45 off all iPad 2 models during Black Friday 2011.

If all rumors serve true, the iPad 3 will be announced early March and will hit stores almost immediately (within the week).