Samsung Galaxy Note Pictured Next To Upcoming Rival Android [PHOTOS]

The Samsung Galaxy Note currently stands uncontested when it comes to tablet-phone hybrids. With its humungous proportions and a stylus, the Samsung Galaxy Note appears to have tapped a certain market that many never knew existed.

LG Optimus Vu to take on Samsung Galaxy Note

However the Samsung Galaxy Note is set to face it first direct rival very soon in the way of the LG Optimus Vu. Recently leaked images have shown off the 5-inch LG Optimus Vu sitting side by side with the Samsung Galaxy Note (see below). What is very obvious though is its somewhat sharp angles that will no doubt split some pockets, as well as it strange 4:3 aspect ratio.

Unfortunately there isn’t much to gather from the image as it just shows both Android phones side by side. If anything, we can see the LG Optimus Vu has a bevel design that resembles the Prada variants and another leaked image from earlier the week showing off a note-taking app points to stylus support as well.

Word on the street is that the LG Optimus Vu will be announced at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Spain on February 27. We’ll keep you posted as more develops.