[ALERT] Glitch In Popular Bank App Has iPad Users Double-Charged

While Apple’s App Store is known for stringently reviewing app before allowing them in, the same protection doesn’t apply to accidental glitches. As is the case with the Citibank iPad app.

Citibank iPad app found to have double-charged users

While the Citibank iPad app was an ideal way to pay your bills on the go, a recently discover flaw hidden inside the code has turned out to be a costly mistake for account holders.

According to an Associated Press report, if you submitted a transaction through the iPad app but your Internet connection failed somewhere while it was loading the payment form, the app would automatically try and submit it again. This resulted in many users getting an error message when it fact they would be charged twice.

At this time Citibank claims that less than 2 percent of iPad users who did transactions via the app have been affected by this. Given that this version of the app has been in the App Store since July, we are sure there are many users who will be worried and should check their statements carefully.


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