New Sprint ‘Early Upgrade’ In Time For Galaxy Nexus But Not iPhone 5

Sprint is set to launch its new early upgrade buyout program which will be called “Upgrade Now”. Scheduled to run from 2/12/12 – 4/14/12, it will allow certain Sprint users to buy their way out of their current contract and in terms swap it for a new smartphone and 2-year contract i.e. early upgrade.

Sprint Early Upgrade Buyout program lines up with Samsung Galaxy Nexus, misses iPhone 5?

Now the deal will be applicable to all Sprint users except for those who had upgraded less than 8 months ago, corporate accounts, customers in collections, airave and tablet accounts, and those using iDENs.

So how does it exactly work? The actual upgrade fee will be calculated pro-rate and based on the remaining term of the account holder’s contract. For example, those who  upgraded between 9 and 11 months ago would have an early upgrade fee of $165; those between 12 and 14 months will have to fork out $125; 15 to 17 months ago is $95; 18 to 21 months ago is $55; and lastly anything above that is the normal $36 upgrade fee.

Given the dates mentioned, this might allow for Sprint customers interested in getting their hands on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus before their current contract is up. However those awaiting the Sprint iPhone 5 which is rumored to only launch in late summer may miss the window.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops.


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