[OFFICIAL] AT&T LG Phoenix Android Gingerbread Update Rolls Out

In Q1 2011, AT&T launched the LG Phoenix, a post-paid offering that shared its release date with the pre-paid LG Thrive. And living up to its promise, AT&T is upgrading all its 2011 models to Android 2.3 Gingerbread, with the LG Phoenix upgrade available right now.

AT&T LG Phoenix Android Gingerbread update now available

Now before you download the update, you will need to first prep your LG Phoenix. Start off by making sure it is fully charged. You will also need to have a Windows PC in order to download and install LG Mobile Support Tool.

After you are done with that and have tethered your LG Phoenix to your PC, you can begin with installing the Android Gingerbread update for your smartphone. Full step-by-step instructions are available at the source link and are simple enough that you shouldn’t have any issues.

If you happen to have an LG Phoenix in hand, do tell us if the update goes through smoothly or not in the comments below.


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