T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Nexus ‘Tony Hawk’ Edition Coming? [PICS]

While the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus is set to hit stores any day now and end Verizon’s exclusivity of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich device, GSM users still have to rely on purchasing an international version if they wish to use it on T-Mobile or AT&T. Well that may be set to change.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Nexus leaked on Twitter by Tony Hawk?

Pro-skater Tony Hawk and T-Mobile are a match made in heaven as far as celebrities and mobile phone carriers go. With T-Mobile even releasing a special edition Tony Hawk Sidekick, we’re certain they will never say no to Tony Hawk if he requested to get his hands on an unreleased phone.

Earlier today, Tony Hawk posted the below picture on Twitter with the following message: “I love T-Mobile.” Now one of our eagle eye readers immediately noticed that this was a Samsung Galaxy Nexus in his hands. Sure the only giveaway was that it was running stock Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but it is definitely too large to be a Nexus S so this eliminates the only other option.

Now what is Tony Hawk doing with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Could this be a viral marketing stunt by T-Mobile to build up hype behind its upcoming release? Or coud it just be an international GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus that Tony Hawk got his hands on and probably is praising T-Mobile’s data plan.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops. Until then, don’t get your hopes up too high on a possible T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Nexus Tony Hawk edition just yet 😉