Since Android Users Like Using It On The Toilet, There’a Now An App For That

A recent survey which caused waves on the blogosphere last week found that Android users were the most frequent to use their devices on the toilet, as well as likely to have sex on the first date. Well there’s now an app for that (the former of course).

ToiletBuddy: Android app for those who like to use their phone or tablet while on the toilet

Reddit user ‘buttermouth’ has come up with a clever app called ToiletBuddy (now available on the Android Market) that gives you a mobile random Wikipedia app to read. These articles however aren’t just any of the millions of Wikipedia pages in the database but those that are the most popular as submitted on Reddit. Check out the official Android Market description below:

“Ever find yourself looking for something to read while on the can? With ToiletBuddy, you will have endless trivia and Wikipedia articles at your fingertips! We’ve also created a random Wikipedia feature that only shows you the most popular Wikipedia articles so you know you will only get articles that will be interesting!”

There is also a ToiletBuddy DELUXE edition for those who umm… spend a little extra time on the can. It is updated daily with new articles and facts versus the free version which is limited to just 250 Wikipedia articles and trivia fact.

[Android Market]

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