3 Realistic iPhone 5 Concepts That May Come True [PICS]

With the rumor mill hinting that the iPhone 5 may launch as early as this summer, we’re beginning to see more purported details regarding the next-generation iPhone surface on the Web. The most common information suggests an upgraded camera (12-megapixel Sony sensor), a higher capacity battery, larger display (4-inches), 4G LTE antennas and lastly, NFC.

Top iPhone 5 concepts that may be on the right track

However at the same time we’re seeing many more iPhone 5 concepts pop up. While some may be out there and not likely to be the iPhone 5 (or 6,7 and 8 for that matter), others show us something more tangible. Here are the top three iPhone 5 concepts we’ve seen to date that may or may not have some resemblance to the upcoming iPhone 5.

Full-screen iPhone 5 – Antonello Falcone has designed this beautiful iPhone 5 concept with no bezel that ultimately allows for a larger display but still maintaining the overall dimensions of the iPhone 4S.

iPhone Air – Based on the MacBook Air, its cheese-wedge design will allow for the iPhone 5 to possibly house the thick 4G LTE antenna while still maintaining a thin profile.

iPhone 5 nano – Ever since the iPhone 4 launched, we saw the hype that was built when Apple announced they were releasing a white variant. So it comes as no surprise if Apple follows its iPod nano strategy and decide to release it in a host of new colors.

Do you think any of the features from these three iPhone 5 concepts will make it into the production model? Sound off in the comments below!

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