How to Modify Your Facebook Profile Photo In Timeline To Look Awesome!

With Facebook now making Timeline compulsory, you will notice that it adds a huge picture to your profile page that you may not like for many reasons. Well it looks like it isn’t that difficult to modify that big photo with your originally picked profile pictures, and at the same time make you Facebook page look pleasant once again.

How to modify your Facebook profile photo with Timeline

The mod comes courtesy of Facebook modder Nico who created this very clever photoshop template that lets you create an awesome personal cover picture that will no doubt impress your Facebook friends. Nico explains that the Timeline photo is 851×314 pixels and your profile image is 180×180 (albeit shrunk to 125×125).

So download the template here and then follow these directions:

#1 – After the download unzip the file and open fb_timeline_template.psd
#2 – In the layers folder “personalization” do your personalization
#3 – Then hide the layer “overlay” and create two separate pictures (use the guides or the layers “avatar” and “header” for the sizes of the pictures)
#4 – Upload them and choose it as avatar and title picture.

Voila! You should now have an awesome Facebook profile photo for your Timeline, and if you want come up with some whacky creations like in the sample above! If you’ve managed to cook up an awesome Facebook Timeline photo then do sound off in the comments below. We may just feature it!

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