No 12MP Nokia Lumia 910 To Rescue Those Upset At 800 & 900’s Camera

While we loved the Nokia Lumia 800 in just about every way, we made it clear in our review of the Windows Phone that its camera was somewhat of a disappointment. This also put a shadow of doubt on the Nokia Lumia 900 which shares the same camera sensor as the Nokia 800 and 8-megapixel setup capable of shooting at a 16:9 ratio.

No Nokia Lumia 910 to rescue fans disappointed with 800 and 900’s camera

So we were excited when rumors popped up on Dutch retailer Typhone’s website about a Nokia Lumia 910 which was essentially the same at the Nokia 900 but with a 12-megapixel camera. However if you were planning on waiting to hold out until the 910 before springing for a Nokia Windows Phone 7.5 device then don’t hold your breath.

According to Damian Dinning, head of Imaging Experience at Nokia’s Smart Devices division, the rumored Lumia 910 Windows Phone isn’t even a real device. Dinning cleared up the rumors over on Twitter stating that there was no such device under development so don’t expect a surprise launch at MWC 2011 at the end of this month.

We’re however still keeping our fingers crossed that the next Lumia phone has done the camera setup right.


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