Is This The Verizon HTC DROID Incredible 3? [LEAKED PHOTOS]

Earlier this year, we got our first glimpse of what HTC was planning to do with their 2012 Android phone lineup thanks to leaked pictures of the HTC Ville. As HTC suggested, they would be focusing on few “hero” devices this year instead of releasing a barrage of new smartphones, and aimed to have them equipped with adequate battery life and possibly slimmer form factors.

More pictures of Verizon HTC DROID Incredible 3 (codenamed Ville) leaked

Well we now have more pictures of the HTC Ville thanks to a leak over at Chinese website ePrice. Now if you’re late to the party and are unsure what those pictures are, this is supposedly what the Verizon HTC DROID Incredible 3 will likely be based on whenever it arrives here in the US. It is believed to be super slim (8mm which is nearly as thin as the DROID RAZR), feature HTC Sense 4.0 and boast a 4.3-inch qHD screen.

Not much else is known about the HTC DROID Incredible 3 a.k.a Ville but word on the street suggest we may see HTC unveil it at the Mobile World Congress event on February 27 in Barcelona, Spain.

On a side note, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is rumored to skip MWC 2012 however that doesn’t leave the HTC Ville unrivaled. Motorola may be unveiling its Bullet while LG has the X3 in its arsenal.

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