2012 HTC Android Phones Line-up: Thinner, More Juice & Fewer Of Them

HTC has been doing much reflecting ever since reporting its disappointing sales figures for 2011. In addition to announcing late last month that it would be releasing few HTC Android phones in 2012, instead focusing on notable “hero” devices only, a recent earnings call by the Taiwanese manufacturer has revealed more details on what we can expect the 2012 HTC Android phones roadmap to look like.

2012 HTC Android phones to be thinner, adequately powered and “hero” devices only

According to the earnings call today, HTC has acknowledge its “design and components” issues and how it plans to not make the same mistakes again. In addition to focusing on fewer Android and Windows Phone 7 devices this year and making them more appealing than their rivals (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S2, Motorola DROID RAZR), HTC will be putting more effort into equipping its smartphones with adequately-sized batteries. Furthermore it understand that its devices don’t appear as attractive as their rivals, especially in the “thinness” department.

We’ve already got a glimpse of what HTC is cooking up for 2012 in terms of Android phones by way of the HTC Edge and HTC Ville. On the Windows Phone 7 front, the HTC Titan II looks like a solid entry for their 2012 roadmap as well.

Let’s see if HTC is back on the right path in 2012 to take on Samsung and Motorola who have kicked off 2012 with full force.


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