Why Windows Phone 7 Beats Android [MPC Comparison]

While I’ve seen numerous comparisons between the two heavyweight mobile platforms, iOS and Android, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is usually left out due to its small market share.

Android vs Windows Phone 7

Now the folks over at MaximumPC have compiled a list of “10 reasons why Windows Phone 7 is better than Android”. Now I do believe that there could be 10 areas where the WP7 platform could excel over Android, I don’t completely agree with the 10 reasons MaximumPC points out.

Yes, I agree with the author that Windows Phone 7 has a “Streamlined User Interface” versus the different Android UI overlays (Sense, TouchWiz, Blur), solid “Microsoft Mobile Office Integration” and better “stability” when we compare all the different WP7 devices we’ve tested to date versus Android (could possibly be due to the strict Microsoft regulations when it comes to minimum hardware requirements). However I don’t agree that “Microsoft LIVE Integration Is Bad Ass” is relevant, “Microsoft Isn’t Constantly Getting Sued by Apple” should matter to the end consumer, nor that “Zune is a Native Client, and it’s Not Pay-Per-Song”.

Lastly, stating that Windows Phone 7 apps aren’t crap isn’t true. We’ve seen our fair share of poor quality apps both in terms of build and nature (fart apps are a plenty too), as well as those plagued with ads. And while Windows Phone 7 may have a “snappier keyboard”, the numerous 3rd party Android keyboard alternatives (e.g. Swype) should allow users to find one that best suits them.

So while I do see where the author is coming from, I would have gone with 5 reasons where Windows Phone 7 excels over Google’s Android as a more solid comparison. Check out the full story at MaximumPC and do tell us your thoughts.

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