[OFFICIAL] Android Ice Cream Sandwich Updates Confirmed For 4 Phones: HTC Sensation, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus & Nexus S

Only a couple of days after we saw Android 4.0.4 leak for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G has Android 4.0.5 officially been confirmed by SFR, France’s mobile phone carrier.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich updates for HTC Sensation, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus & Nexus S

The announcement has not only confirmed the existence of the update but also reveals which devices it is headed to first. According to the post, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Samsung Nexus S will be getting Android 4.0.5 in March. Furthermore, the HTC Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S2 will be bumped up to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, with the former getting Sense 3.5 as well.

The update roadmap also states that devices like the LG Optimus Black, HTC Desire S, Desire HD, Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Pro, and Motorola Defy+ will be getting Android Gingerbread.

Here’s hoping we can expect a similar timeline here in the US for the rollout of Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread updates.

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