Best Buy Inadvertently Hints 42″ Apple HDTV With iSight Cam & iOS At $1,499?

Could retail giant Best Buy just have revealed the next big Apple product headed our way this year? That appears to be the word on the street when a legitimate Best Buy survey surfaced earlier today and asked consumers if they were interested in a 42-inch Apple HDTV that runs iOS.

Best Buy inadvertently reveals 42-inch Apple HDTV?

The survey landed in the hands of TheVerge (screenshot at bottom) and revealed a product called the Apple HDTV. The survey asked if customers would theoretically be interested in such a product if it were priced at $1,499. The survey stated that the Apple HDTV ran iOS, supports iCloud, can be controllable from an iPhone or iPad, and has access to Netflix, YouTube, and Flickr.

Another interesting bit was that the Best Buy survey stated that the Apple TV had an “iSight” camera, a name used by its webcams a long time ago.

According to the folks over at TheVerge, they’ve been able to verify that the survey does exist. Furthermore they add that it’s administered by Confirmit, a Norwegian research firm known to have Best Buy as a client.

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