Viewer Reactions To Samsung Galaxy Note Super Bowl Ad

By now you would have had a chance to check out the Samsung Galaxy Note Super Bowl 2012 ad. While we would agree with most of the statements on Twitter that the commercial wasn’t exactly ‘Super Bowl worthy’, there was a lot of criticism regarding the ad’s chosen marketing angle.

Samsung Galaxy Note Super Bowl ad’s focus attracts criticism on Twitter

Given that the Samsung Galaxy Note ad chose to focus on the stylus input technology of the device, most of the reactions on Twitter had to do with whether or not a stylus was neccessary in this day and age.

Sure it would be perfect when you needed to jot down a quick note but given that it was a technology that was present from the time of the PDAs and then slowly perish, was it clever for Samsung to choose to boast that feature solely over all the other great things the Galaxy Note had to offer?

Here are some reactions on Twitter to the Samsung Galaxy Note Super Bowl ad:

Justin @Geek_ND: “If you see a stylus…they blew it.” – Steve Jobs

Shawn Hunt @DipRip: palm pilot sues Samsung for stealing their only feature 10 years later

Jason visockis @Deathshead79: i didn’t realize that tech people still want a stylus in 2012

Bill Driver @billdriver: Did we travel back in time to land where the stylus and The Darkness are cool again?

Simon Miller @vandalgrad: Madonna’s halftime show was more inspiring. A stylus!? Really? C’mon man.

Thad Puckett @tlpinspw: A pen? You are selling a pen?

What did you think of the Samsung Galaxy Note Super Bowl commercial? Do you think it will make viewers want to buy one? Sound off in the comments below.