Mystery Google ‘Entertainment Device’ Hits FCC, Ignites Rumor Mill

Google appears to have a hot new product up its sleeve. According to a recent FCC filing, the Mountain View based giant is asking permission to test a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled “entertainment device” at the homes of its employees in 4 cities across the US.

Mystery Google product: related to Google TV or [email protected]?

Unfortunately without any images, we can’t tell what exactly Google is working on. However given that the FCC filing explains that it is some sort of device that connects to the WiFi networks in your home, we’re guessing it should be related to Google TV or something new like [email protected]

Check out an excerpt from the FCC filing at the bottom and sound off in the comments if you think we missed any possibilities.

“Google is developing an entertainment device that requires testing outside the laboratory environment. The device is in the prototyping phase and will be modified prior to final compliance testing. … Users will connect their device to home WiFi networks and use Bluetooth to connect to other home electronics equipment. This line of testing will reveal real world engineering issues and reliability of networks. The device utilizes a standard WiFi/Bluetooth module, and the planned testing is not directed at evaluating the radio frequency characteristics of the module (which are known), but rather at the throughput and stability of the home WiFi networks that will support the device, as well as the basic functionality of the device. From this testing we hope to modify the design in order to maximize product robustness and user experience. Utilizing the requested number of units will allow testing of real world network performance and its impact on applications running on the device, so that any problems can be discovered and addressed promptly.”


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