TurboTax 2011 Free iPad App Lets You File Your Taxes Via Your Tablet

Everyone hates doing their taxes so it is refreshing to see the TurboTax 2011 for iPad app try and make things a little less daunting. With the TurboTax app, you can now file your federal and stated tax returns and get your refund as quickly as within a week.

File your tax returns with the TurboTax 2011 for iPad app

And if you’re currently using TurboTax online (both iPad or Desktop), you can migrate all your information and speed up that process.

Given that TurboTax 2011 for iPad is developed for tablets, you will find that tapping, dragging and flicking your way through your tax refund is a lot more easier and manageable. And given that it’s a TurboTax product, you will be hard pressed to find another way to get a bigger tax refund.

The new TurboTax 2011 for iPad app now has the ability to allow you to transfer last year’s info from your TurboTax online as well as import your info from 400,000+ employers and financial institutions. The TurboTax 2011 for iPad app is now available in the App Store for free.

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