Android Watch Sneaks Into Google Store, Selling Fast

The Google Store has been quite busy lately what with the announcement of the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus set to debut any day now. However another product certainly caught us off-guard. The folks over at Google have teamed up with none other than Modify to bring us an Android-themed watche.

Modify Android watch now available in Google Store

Now if you’re a fan of Modify then you will know how they got their name. Modify Watches allow you to swap the actual clock face into different wristbands and vice-versa.

Now if you thought that the Android allegiance wouldn’t go so far as to wrist watches then you will be quite surprised. The Google Store has already sold out of the large face watches and there are only 10 more small face watches left.

So if you’re wanting to wear Android on your wrist in addition to carrying it in your pocket, hit the Google Store now to get one of these cool Modify creation.

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