Enjoy 4G LTE Speeds Before iPhone 5 & iPad 3 Users Get On Board

By now you must have read the numerous reports and rumors that Apple plans to get both the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 on 4G LTE this year. Given that the recently leaked iBoot data for the iPad 3 shows a LTE variant, as well as the fact that the current 3 US carriers that offer the iPhone are all on LTE (Verizon, AT&T and Sprint), the likelihood that an army of Apple users will be swarming the LTE network soon is very high.

iPhone 5 and iPad 3 rumors hint 4G LTE connectivity

While Verizon Wireless was in the lead in the LTE race when they launched the HTC Thunderbolt back in early 2011, AT&T has been trying to catch up ever since and now offers a host of LTE capable smartphones: HTC Vivid, Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket and the LG Nitro HD. Sprint too is taking LTE seriously and will be launching their first LTE phone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, very shortly.

While the blazing LTE speeds are a far cry from the 3G we are used to, the days of hitting such high download/upload speeds may be numbered. If and when the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 do get on the LTE network, we can expect huge masses of LTE users to eventually bog down the network.

So enjoy it while you can folks!

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