iPad 3 Leak Confirms Quad-Core Chip & LTE? [PHOTOS]

The iPad 3 will supposedly hit stores as early as March or April and would basically make its launch at the end of this month (February). However just like with its predecessor’s release, nothing is known in terms of specs or features and this will remain under lock and key until the official announcement.

iPad 3 specs leaked via iBoot: quad-core CPU, LTE

Of course this hasn’t stopped the iPad 3 rumor mill from kicking on and now the latest intel from the folks over at iBoot have revealed two more interesting specs. According to the snapshots grabbed by iBoot a development tool that gives a lot of information about a piece of hardware’s specs, the iPad 3 looks set to launch with a quad-core A6 processor. Furthermore there appear to be two variants – one with 4G LTE radios and other that is just Wi-Fi. Given that Verizon, Sprint and AT&T are all boasting LTE networks albeit in different stages of consumption, an 4G LTE iPad 3 will no doubt increase uptake of the faster data speed technology.

Now what is unfortunately missing is details as to whether the iPad 3 will have a Retina Display. However given that it has LTE radios, we expect it to be slightly thicker not only to accommodate for the antennas but also possibly for a larger capacity battery given the higher power consumption rate of LTE.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops. Check out the screenshot from iBoot below and as always, we suggest taking any Apple rumors with a huge grain of salt.