Is This The Next-Gen iPod Nano With Camera? [PICS]

Ever since Apple filed a patent back in 2009 suggesting that they were considering equipping the iPod nano with a camera sensor to monitor external factors like current weather, we’ve seen iPod nano camera rumors pop up every couple of months. Well they are back again.

Is this the next-generation iPod nano with a camera port?

According to the folks over at, a new series of photos have popped up showing what is supposedly the next-generation iPod nano casing with camera ports. As can be seen from the photos below, the iPod nano clip remains but with a metal housing for a camera assembly sticking out of the rear of the case.

This design should allow Apple to insert a camera in the already very-tight iPod nano dimensions. However given that we expected the iPod nano with a camera to be launched in 2011 but this never came to fruition, we wouldn’t get our hopes up yet. And just remember the story we ran earlier this week about Apple getting its new engineers to work on fake Apple products in the beginning until they believe they could trust them. For all we know, this could just be another dead end.

We’ll keep you posted as more develops

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