Low Battery? Recharge Your iPhone With An Old Book

With more people turning to tablets and downloading e-books as a means to fulfill their reading needs, some great hard-bound classics will find themselves lying on shelves and looking like beautiful paperweights. Now a small company in California has found a way to add more function to these paperweights.

Recharge you battery with an iPhone and iPad book charging dock

Richard and Brenna Neeley from Cerritos are taking old and vintage books, and converting them into charging docks for your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Each has to be handmade due to each book having their own custom dimensions and what we basically have is a beautiful book that can be left around your home or office with a tiny pin connector and the center to dock your iOS device.

Called the Book Charging docks, they are now available through the couple’s Etsy store and is priced anywhere between $45 and $55. There’s also a larger iPad dock for $72.

Here is the product description: “It looks like a mild-mannered book on a table or a desk, you almost don’t notice that it’s an iPhone charger. No more dropping the cord behind the desk or nightstand! The charging cord is well secured into the book, and it’s designed to be compatible with all iPods and iPhones (iPhone 3G, 3GS & iPhone 4, 4s), it accommodates sync and charge functions via the USB cable, and although the wall connector is not included, wall adapters come standard with all iDevices.”

While this is not the ideal solution in order to preserve books, it is still a way to keep them in our life.

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