Late Steve Jobs With Angel Wings Promotes Android Tablet, Distasteful Or Good Fun?

A new TV commercial is making waves across the globe after it used a Steve Jobs look-alike with angel wings to promote an upcoming Android Gingerbread tablet called the “Action Pad”

Late Steve Jobs used in commercial to hock Android Gingerbread tablet

The commercial shows an actor impersonating the late Apple founder. While they never referenced Steve Jobs, the actor is wearing Jobs’ trademark black turtleneck short, glasses and a gray wig. The tablet which is developed by by a Taiwanese company is called the Action Pad and the Jobs character refers to it as “amazing” and says that, “Finally, I can play with another pad.”

While it is common in Taiwan to use famous figures like Lady Gaga and Sylvester Stallone lookalikes in ads, the commercial has caused an uproar over on YouTube where it is being called disrespectful and distasteful.

Apple is yet to comment on the matter however they did once stop the production of figurines that beared a resemblance to Steve Jobs. We’ll keep you posted as more develops. Check out the TV ad below.

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